In the year 1962, Resistance Welding Controllers still had big dial knobs for dialing SQUEEZE TIME, HEAT TIME, HEAT PERCENT and other functions with analog timing controls. The digital world was in its infancy and microprocessors were not invented yet.

In that year, a young electrical engineer by the name of Ricky Martin got a job with Alloy Spot Welders in Santa Monica, California. Alloy Spot Welders was a company with many three phase and single phase welding machines doing subcontract work for the aerospace industry and other industrial fields. One of the company owners, Nelson Ittner, had an idea. He thought that if radios with tubes can be manufactured as transistor radios, why not apply the same principle to spot welding controls.

Ricky Martin, with no prior familiarity with spot welders, was hired by Nelson Ittner to try to create such a product. Ricky Martin then invented and patented the very basic principles of DIGITAL HEAT CONTROL. These basic principles are in use today by all digital phase control manufacturers in the world. The Alloy control, well known in the aerospace industry in the 60's and 70's, was the first three-phase control that Ricky Martin reduced from the size of a refrigerator to the size of two large Webster's dictionaries laid side by side.

In 1977, well into the age of microprocessors and semi-sophisticated digital technology by today's standards, Ricky Martin created Interlock Industries, Inc. (now known as Intertron Industries, Inc.) The company produced the first multiplexed front panel multiple weld schedule controller known in the aerospace industry. The model 301 WELD CONTROLLER, with 50 weld schedules stored in its memory and battery backup, was the first such controller introduced in the industry. Our design goals were simplicity of operation, high reliability, and ease of maintenance.

The single phase controllers were then developed starting with the model 101 in the 80's through the model 108 today. With optional features such as AVC, CONSTANT PROFILE CURRENT, ELECTRONIC PRESSURE REGULATION, and MOTOR SPEED CONTROL, these controllers are being used in spot welders, butt welders, seam welders and mesh welders all over the world.

Our manufacturing is done by very sophisticated soldering machinery with triple level optical inspection. Our statistical field infant mortality and reject rate for the past 18 years has been less than one half of one percent. We service all our products no matter how old, and never recommend that our customers scrap their controls and buy new ones due to obsolescence with time. We respond to our customers' needs, whether in repair or new products, within 24 to 48 hours most of the time.

We sell our products exclusively through two types of distributors:

  • Manufacturers of resistance welding machines.
  • Distributors with experience in installation and field service of resistance welding controllers.

The products we sell are always new and we do not deal in secondhand merchandise.