Model 1000

Model 1000

Multi Gun Stepper/Welder Controller

Click Here to download the Model 1000 manual.


  • 99 Step Program with (Repeat Step X to Step Y)
  • 4-32 Shuttle Valve Relay Outputs for Machine Control
  • 4-32 Limit Switch Inputs with Programmable Timers from 1-999 Seconds
  • 4-32 Gun Valve Relay Outputs
  • 4-16 Independent Welding Transformer Heat Controllers
  • 32 Heat Control Programs with Pulsation and Slope, Programmable in any Step and at any Welding Transformer
  • 1-3 Axis Motion Control


  • Line Voltage Compensation with On/Off Switch
  • 87 Degree Limit on First Cycle
  • Welding Transformer Heat Controls are Electronically Switched to Phase A or Phase B or Phase C for Optimum Power Line Balance
  • Dual Anti Tie Down Palm Button
  • Auto/Manual Allows One Step Function
  • Program Security Under Key Control
  • Halt in Between Steps Palm Button
  • Weld Schedule/Step No. Display
  • Data Retention with no AC Power
  • Output for Data Storage on PC
  • Output for Writing Program on Printer
  • 1000 VA/110 VAC Transformer for Valves Solenoid Control